Sports Massage

Thai massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage with highly skilled massage therapist in Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex

Sports Massage and Remedial Massage – Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex.  £50 per hour.

‘Thanks to Spike’s expertise I was able to resolve training injuries, improve my body’s readiness and take on a major running challenge injury-free and in much better shape.  My race performance was helped by the treatments and exercises Spike provided, and I am certain my recovery time was greatly reduced thanks to our appointments.’  – Haydn Jones, Jurassic Coast Marathon Runner.

About Sports Massage & Remedial Massage

sports-massage-Hastings-St-Leonards-East-Sussex-illusttration-of-back-and-shoulder-painSports Massage promotes optimal health and performance.  If you have a soft tissue injury (sporting or other!), chronic aches and pains, or issues with your posture, a sports massage is for you.

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Spike holds a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage from the prestigious NLSSM, where she gained a distinction in both her ongoing assignments and in her final exams.

A targeted sports massage can speed up healing and recovery time, improve your alignment and help with your performance.  It can also reduce the likelihood of further injury.

Whether you’re active and athletic or sitting at a computer most days, you’ll feel the benefits.  Scar tissue and adhesions respond well to sports massage, and specific techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique and Soft Tissue Release can create beneficial length in tight muscles and bring more hydration to the connective tissue, bringing increased flexibility and mobility and giving you greater ‘bounce’ in your movements.

Sports massage can improve your posture within just a few sessions, breaking the postural pain cycle and providing long term relief and ease.  Spike will offer you a posture assessment to help determine what can change and improve, and she will select the best techniques to create change in your soft tissues.

If required, Spike will offer you home care advice, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, nutrition, or small lifestyle changes that can support your recovery and well-being.

Spike has worked with serious athletes, yoga teachers and performance artists as well as desk warriors and people with sedentary lifestyles.  She is particularly interested in treating chronic pain (pain that has lasted 3-6 months or more) and will work with you with care and sensitivity to ensure the best possible outcome.

Sports Massage & Remedial Massage Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – prices

Prices are simple: £50 per hour and £25 per additional half hour for sports or remedial massage.

Sports Massage & Remedial Massage, Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – practicalities

  • Remember to tell us about any injuries or health issues.  Check with your doctor first if you have any uncontrolled or undiagnosed condition, or epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or thrombosis.
  • Remember we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cannot make your appointment, please email before this time to ensure you do not get charged.

Sports Massage & Remedial Massage, Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – location

Spike’s sports massage & remedial massage practice is located on St Mary’s Terrace, West Hill, Hastings TN34.  See our location page for more information.

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