Pregnancy Massage

Thai massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage with highly skilled body worker in Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex. All treatments £65 per hour.

Pregnancy Massage – Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex.  £65 per hour.

Spike is qualified to offer Pregnancy Massage (after the first trimester) and Labour Massage.  She also offers sessions for prenatal women and their birth partners to learn basic massage techniques that can be helpful during labour.

‘Spike has an amazing energy and touch, firm enough while also relaxing.  I felt 100% comfortable in her hands during and after pregnancy.  The treatments helped prepare me for a wonderful birth.’  

Elizabeth Stopford, Film Director & Mother.

The most wonderful pregnancy massage, it was absolutely lovely – I can’t quite put it into words.  I haven’t felt that calm for so long!  And never so connected to the little one growing inside me, so thank you Spike, you are going to be my pregnancy saviour.’

Chloe Williams,  Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.

Pregnant women are warmly welcomed to receive this nourishing treatment, and discounts are often available if you’d like a series of treatments to support you both pre- and post-natally.

TO BOOK:  Contact me directly by email:  spikewarwick[at]  All bookings are made by email.
I see messages either immediately or within a few hours, so you can be confident of a prompt response.

illustration-pregnancy-back-ache-before-massagePregnancy massage can provide welcome relief from back ache and other physical discomfort.

Pregnancy Thai Massage is a wonderful support for pregnancy after the first trimester.  You will lie on your side, sit, or lean very gently forwards or back, fully supported with cushions, bolsters and blankets.  There is no need to undress, simply wear comfortable loose clothing.

Aches, pains and tiredness are all too common during pregnancy as your body adjusts to change.  Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to provide self care for both you and your baby throughout the second and third trimester.

Pregnancy massage can alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce aches and pains and provide a sense of well-being and relaxation.  Many mothers-to-be choose to have pregnancy massage regularly throughout the second and third trimester to support their bodies through the changes prior to giving birth.

Spike will take account of any requests and areas you particularly want treated, and will adjust the massage accordingly.

Pregnant women report a great sense of relaxation and energy after massage, particularly due to the rhythmic quality and pressure of the massage.  Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to prepare for the experience of giving birth.

image-of-pregnant-person-receiving-pregnancy-massage-in-hastings-st-leonards-east-sussexIf you have not had massage before, or have had any concerns about your pregnancy, simply check with your healthcare practitioner to find out whether pregnancy massage could help you.  You can benefit from massage right up until full term.

Spike’s Pregnancy Massage Qualifications

Spike studied pregnancy massage with both Kira Balaskas and the London School of Massage, giving her a wide range of techniques and styles.  The massage will always be adjusted to your needs and preferences, and offered with care and sensitivity to you and your baby.

Pregnancy Massage Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – Prices

Prices are simple:  £65 per hour for pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy Massage, Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – Practicalities

  • For pregnancy massage, wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing so you can move your arms and legs freely.
  • Remember to tell us about any injuries or health issues.  Check with your doctor first if you have epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or thrombosis.
  • Remember we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cannot make your appointment, please email before this time to ensure you do not get charged.

Pregnancy Massage, Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – location

Spike’s pregnancy massage practice is located on St Mary’s Terrace, West Hill, Hastings TN34.  It is also accessible from St Leonard’s-on-Sea.  See our location page for more information.

TO BOOK:  Contact me directly by email:  spikewarwick[at]  All bookings are made by email.
I see messages either immediately or within a few hours, so you can be confident of a prompt response.