Embodied Life Coaching

Thai massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage with highly skilled body worker in Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex. All treatments £65 per hour.

With Somatic Awareness and Positive Neuroplasticity

  • Process and Regulate Emotional and Physical Pain
  • Effectively Navigate Your Life Choices and Transitions
  • Listen to your Gut, and your Heart’s Desires
  • Grow Lasting Inner Resources and Resilience
  • Find Your Purpose, Direction and Meaning
  • Feel Happier, Healthier and more Embodied

Embodied Life Coaching makes use of evidence-based practices from neuropsychology and emotional trauma work to help you towards a happier and healthier life.  No matter how long you’ve been feeling stuck, anxious, irritable or sad, we can work together to create lasting feelings of well being.

Spike is a Life Coach (qualified with Distinction) and Positive Neuroplasticity Facilitator, and has been working with somatic awareness practices for many years.  She brings compassion, patience and warmth to the work, as well as insight from her own past experiences of emotional distress and a strong background in evidence based methods.

Here’s what clients say:

Spike is a real talent in her field, and the work we did has been hugely beneficial to me. The neuroplasticity practices she teaches are such a valuable resource.  She is a skilled practitioner, I can’t recommend her highly enough. – E Stopford

Spike is very in tune with the body and nervous system, and also has such a depth of understanding around the brain, mental health and how it all links with the body in a way that I have not experienced with other practitioners. – Joy B.

‘I liked Spike’s gentle, caring and intuitive approach. She clearly has a lot of experience and I feel confident to recommend her to anyone who wants to work with not only trauma but also to learn about how to tune better to the body. I think this can potentially be a life-changing opportunity and I am so happy I gave it a go.’ – HA London

‘Sessions with Spike have been more impacting on my well-being than I could have imagined. The first session I arrived I was in a really dysregulated state.  Spike made me feel understood and at ease right away, and by the end of the session I felt so safe in my own body, I wanted to cry tears of relief.’ – JB

Embodied Life Coaching – Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex – prices:

Prices are simple:  £65 per hour.

TO BOOK:  Contact me directly by email:  spikewarwick[at]gmail.com.  All bookings are made by email.
I see messages either immediately or within a few hours, so you can be confident of a prompt response.