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Thai massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage with highly skilled body worker in Hastings & St Leonards, East Sussex. All treatments £65 per hour.

About Spike Warwick – Your Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage Practitioner

Picture-of-Spike-Warwick-Thai-massage-Deep-Tissue-Massage-Therapist-bodyworker-Hastings-St-Leonards-East-Sussex‘Spike is a highly experienced bodyworker who tailors her treatments to each individual client.  She is strong and sensitive, and will go the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible experience’.  DW, Hastings.

‘Spike has a sensitive and deep touch and I always feel safe in her hands.  Her warm energy is wonderfully healing.  I’ve received lots of massage from different practitioners and I’d recommend Spike’s as some of the best.’
Sharona Huxton, Massage Therapist.

To book a treatment contact me directly by email:  spikewarwick[at]  All bookings are made by email.
I see messages either immediately or within a few hours, so you can be confident of a prompt response.

I hold a VTCT Level 4 Award in Thai Massage from the London School of Traditional Massage, as well as Advanced Practitioner Diplomas from the Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage and Kira Balaskas’ School of Thai Yoga Massage, plus accreditation with Bob Haddad, Founder of Thai Healing Alliance International, on using Thai herbal compresses, and further certification in advanced dynamic techniques and working with the feet.  I also have a BTEC Level 5 diploma in Sport and Remedial massage from NLSSM, where I qualified with a distinction.  I am a qualified Deep Tissue massage practitioner (FHT Accredited), and Pregnancy and Labour massage practitioner (FHT Accredited).

I am qualified in Chavutti Thirumal/Kalari, an Indian style of massage using oils and foot pressure.

I first qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1989, training with the late Chris Jarmey, founder of the European School of Shiatsu, as well as Michael Rose and others.  I am a qualified yoga teacher (500hrs) with specialisms in exercise for older people and people with disabilities, and a qualified nutritionist.

When I first experienced Thai massage I recognised how enjoyable and effective it is as a holistic treatment.  It makes sense to me on intuitive and spiritual levels as well as in terms of the body’s needs.  My aim is to respond sensitively to the individual needs and preferences of my clients, and to provide treatments that bring tranquillity, well-being and a sense of connectedness.  I believe in our ability to balance the flow of energy through our bodies because I’ve experienced that in a direct and palpable way, particularly in Thai massage and in my yoga practice.

The great thing about being able to mix and match techniques from different massage disciplines is that I can provide the right level of depth no matter whether you are slight and sensitive or large and muscular with very dense muscle tone.

(Thai) Yoga Fusion Massage™

In 2013 I created Yoga Fusion Massage™.  Yoga Fusion Massage came out of my experience of working with clients for many years.  Traditional Thai Massage focuses particularly on the lower body and legs, which took a lot of strain in traditional rural Thai culture where people worked in the fields all day and often walked long distances.

In modern city-based living, tension and strain is often felt particularly in the back and shoulders.  So I created Yoga Fusion Massage™ which blends Thai Yoga Massage with deep tissue work on the back and shoulders.  If you would like a Yoga Fusion massage, do let me know when booking your appointment.

Where is my Massage Practice located

My practice is now located in St Mary’s Terrace, West Hill, Hastings.

My prices

Prices are simple:  £65 per hour.

To book a session contact me directly by email:  spikewarwick[at]  All bookings are made by email.
I see messages either immediately or within a few hours, so you can be confident of a prompt response.

Other Services

I am a certified TRE (Tension Release Exercise) practitioner.  This process is a fantastic way of releasing stress, trauma and tension that is held in the body, and I highly recommend learning it as a tool for self care.

I am a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Do ask for more information about this great method of stress release!

I have over twenty years experience of working with stress management, positive mental health, and creativity.  I aim to provide a sensitive, welcoming and holistic experience for all my clients.  If there is anything you think I might be able to help with regarding your health and well-being, or you’re unsure which service would suit you best, do drop me a line.

I look forward to being in touch.


Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage Practitioner